The purpose of this website is twofold:

  • to inform Ngai Tahu shareholders, (beneficiaries) , about what has been happening in the tribe
  • To provide a forum for information, discussion and debate

Suspending this website/blog but will be opening a new one, the name of which, and access to, will be here.


When I set up this site it was early days for blogs and Word Press was not as sophisticated, intuitive or as easy to manage as it is today. So the new blog will be easier to manage.

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This “blog” is not a daily one, like many blogs. The articles I write will be occasional and I hope considered before I publish them.

Updates: A couple of recent blogs in October 2009 – visit the Articles page (Election update and what has been really happening in NT)


Election of Tront Representatives Sept 2009

I have recently received changes to the Ngai Tahu Charter vis election of Tront representatives. The process has taken about three years and the cost has been about $500,000. The result is not much different from what we had before but the changes are significant because the changes devolve all power to individual Runanga who could include or exclude shareholders. A couple of Runanga have begun the the lead up to electoral process Hokonui and Oraka Aparima. So far there has been limited information about these elections or any others that might be coming.

A Bit of History

After the attempts to oust Mark Solomon in 07 – see blog – Some Tront Representatives have been replaced and a sort of calm has been restored. Anake Goodall is the new CEO. An excellent appointment. Anake is busily appointing new staff for the Office depleted by the last CEO Tahu Potiki. On the surface things might appear harmonious but there are those both on and off the Tront table seeking power. These people, in my view are not interested in the betterment of shareholders. Rather – a clique, who have held powerful positions at various levels within the current and past Ngai Tahu structures, who wish to reassert their authority- for reasons that are not altruistic .



For five years now there have been various attempts to ousted the Kaiwhakahaere (Chair) of Tront – the tribal council- Mark Solomon. The group behind these coup attempts are 9 of the 18 Tront representatives who are least accountable to their electorate – but read on—- The order of posts. will in the next few days, be ordered in the most recent posts first. So if you are a late reader start at the blog start at the bottom to get a feel for the issues. Will also be posting more media reports because, as I say below, Tront management, “The Office”, have control of the tribal media output.

Of course there is a diversity of views from the media, much of it not true, simply because, Tront is not being up-front about what has been happening.

If you wish to know who Ngai Tahu are go to the tribal website: