History Repeating Itself – Crown Control?03/05/200910/02/2015Richard Parata

History often has a habit of repeating itself.
As one unnamed sage, said – “ We learn from history that we do not learn anything from history.”

It seems to me that this is the case in current campaign to oust Mark Solomon. It’s a repeat of what happened in 2006/7, see here, where there was an attempt to oust Mark because he was alleged to have leaked information to the media about an exit package he was offered.

Mark did not leak anything to the media.

Maria Pera (Tront representative of Awarua) and, in my view, in collusion with Wally Stone, did the leaking to the media.

Stone and Pera were just a part of a wider, but small group, seeking to takeover the tribal assets. This group failed.

 Today, it appears, nothing has changed. The same players are active; some Tront reps, and former so called tribal leaders.

I posted here that “Votabus” is going to be active this weekend.( Correction:there is no meeting at Otakou this weekend).

The consequence is, if any Tront rep is ousted, including Mark Solomon, is that I will be seeking names for a petition that will see the Minister of Maori Affairs to taking  control of the tribe and its assets.This measure/remedy had considerable support in the last Tront crisis but was not implemented. 

But where is the tribal Mana in this outcome? – to beholden to the Crown- Again?

Ngai Tahu shareholders need to speak up.