Hui Rehua Marae- 20 March-20/03/200910/02/2015Richard Parata

Mark Solomon has called a meeting at Rehua Marae at 2 pm Fri 20 March – this is now general knowledge among shareholders.

I have been given an as assurance that the hui will be recorded on film /video so that the hui will be available to shareholders.

This is a major step forward from the Hui a Tau at Waihopai in Nov 2005 when Tipene O'Regan accussed the Fishing Company of fraud; and he was fimed. I was then a Director of NTHC. There was nothing to this allegation ( as was proved independently) but mud sticks. Tried to get a copy of the film – but to no avail. Finally a copy was given to my lawyer but could not be published.

This in my view, was when all this fuss started

What the malcontents are seeking, in my view is power, power over the tribal assets