Message From a Tront Represenative03/06/200910/02/2015Richard Parata

Stuart Bull, the Tront Represenative for Oraka Aparima Runaka has sent this email to a wide range of recipients. If you have not received a copy here it is:

Subject: RARU RARU Lets get real
To: "All Papatipu Runaka Contacts" <>, "All Papatipu Runaka Contacts" <>

Kia ora Koutou Katoa,

What the, Once again I ask ,why the focus of the whanui is on Mark Solomon. This time around the catalyst appears to be the removal of Wally Stone from the Ngai Tahu Holdings Corporation board.

I will have to say from my perspective, that decision was made after much deliberation and consideration by the MAJORITY of the board o Te Runanga O Ngai Tahu, not by Mark Solomon as an individual.

The vote count was   11 support the resolution, 2 against, 2 abstentions, 3 absent.

therefore I see this as an absolute majority support for the resolution,not taken lightly,and with due consideration.

I would have thought this was the expectation of the whanui, that their representatives act in good faith and in a democratic manner, as was done.

Except by those members who abdicated their responsability to represent their runanga,and removed them selves from the meeting as the take was being introduced.

I ask the question,if they had such strong opinion on the subject at hand, why then did they not stay to debate the issue, rather than leave, then go about spreading untruths about what took place in their absence.Alternate motives?????????

These same members were at the forefront of previous attempts to discredit/remove Mark from the chair of TRONT..

I ask, is that campaign still on going,even though the Whanui gave resounding support for Mark at that time.

Is the intention to reignite that campaign, when ever/where ever the opportunity create disquiet,discomfort,discredit????????????

Again I will say the removal of Wally Stone, nor any other resolution moved one way or the other is carried out by Mark in is carried through at all times either by consensus or MAJORITY rules.

So could someone please explain the justification now for what appears to be a concerted attack on Mark, and the calls for his resignation.

Is it Tall poppies or sour grapes.

I will go further to suggest that the removal of Wally was possibly exasperated by the fact that he took it upon himself to align/seek guidance from certain membership of TRONT, in the knowledge that the viewpiont held by those persons, was in the main, contrary to the majority viewpiont/direction of the rest of the board of TRONT.    Collateral damage  ??????????????

I say again, my understanding of the expectations of the whanui,would be that their representatives would work to majority rule.

The alternate to that is disfunction leading to chaos!  Is this what we are experiencing.

The refusal of the minority to accept the MAJORITY decision, thereby continually undermining the processes and procedures as layed down in the ACT,CHARTER,and other procedual documentation that are provided to give us clear direction/guidance of form and function.

COME ON YOU LOT if we are to make head way in this waka,it is time to start rowing in the same direction, and that surely has to be determined by the majority.

I ask those of us who support Mark, don’t just sit quietly by at this time.  But make known your support for Mark, as he is carrying a heavy burden at this time.

Mark Solomon as the Kaiwhakahaere has shown excellent leadership over these past years.

We continue to get accolades about the succes of Ngai Tahu from other Iwi and tauiwi alike.

OK I hear you, that wasn’t all Marks doing, and I agree, it is a collective achievement, and NTHC have taken us succesfully into the world of commerce,its true.

But it is still Mark who we put at the helm of the overall structure ie TRONT.and he has lead the tribe via his leadership style/relationship building with the bigger

wider community IWI &TAUIWI alike.

He still has the support of the MAJORITY of the board o TRONT, As it is we who see and know the environment that he works in.


A Totara split in two is food for the fire