PeaceMakers- Why?16/03/200910/02/2015Richard Parata

A valid point was made in the comments in "Solomon Retains His Position"

"Hard to imagine how the two groups are ever going to get on… so are we in for a perpetual to-ing and fro-ing as they have turnabout at the top?

Where are our great peacemakers?

Who can bring the two sides together for the good of everyone. Is there anyone of mana independent of the two groups?

I hope people are working behind the scenes towards this end. The great mass of Ngai Tahu whanui would be keen to know as well I think."

"Busted Blond" from roarprawn said "agreed – so who do we have who are peacemakers?"

However that prompted me to reply:

BB Why do we need peacemakers? These malcontents should answer up to their Runanga and Runanga should decide their fate. Problem is that there are some Runanga are who are a closed shop- Awarua is a classic -see comments by Vera on this blog about this. Why should we kowtow to this tiny group whose recent covert scheme has just been outed? This group has been behaving in a disruptive manner for years. In my view, it all started shortly after the arrival of Potiki as CEO. Its being going on in one guise or another ever since. I have recorded a time line of these events. Tront knew what was happening but decided to either ignore what was happening and/or sought consensus (in good faith) hoping the problems would go away. The dissident Tront reps simply exploited the consensus approach. It would have been better – and I suggested this to some reps- to go to the shareholders and say this not working. My view, is no peacemakers, purge the rotten apples from the NT tray.