What Has Been Really Happening21/11/200910/02/2015Richard Parata

Below is a copy of an Appendix to a Ngai Tahu fishing report, sent to me. The report is from the “Contract Review Committee” (CRC), a committee of Tront- the Tribal council.- in March 09.  The report deals with a complaint about a fisheries issue brought by Wally Stone, former Chair/CEO of NTHC and Terry Nicholas the Tront representative for the Hokonui Marae. The pair of them accuse Mark Solomon of some sort of improper behaviour. Mark is exonerated in the report as I would have expected.The Tront personalities and the “malcontents” as I call them, are familiar, if you read my blog and so are those with no formal tribal authority who have been stirring the pot. All this has nothing to do with Mark Solomon. Ask any anti -Mark Solomon-person about what the issue is about Mark and you will never get a straight answer.
It has everything to do with a quest for power and to a get hold of the tribal assets. A good person said to me, that the “malcontents” appear to wish to split the tribal assets and to give to the 18 marae. The people behind this potential, tribal heist, have in their background, in my view, either/or, variously, criminal convictions/bankruptcy, failed or incompetent company directors/managers/or with gambling problems.

The most least likely group you would want in control the tribal assets.

The term “Carpetbaggers comes to mind. The term is from the USA -Carpetbaggers was used to describe the white northern Republican politicians who came South, arriving with their travel carpetbags. Southerners considered them ready to loot and plunder the defeated South.

Make your own judgements but these are mine:

-Tront have not handled the Potiki issue at all well. In times gone by Ngai Tahu were governed by “lore” – quick solutions were needed so we could go on to find our next feed. Today, its “law” or “laws”. To date, I cannot find anyone in HR ( Human Resources )that could justify Potiki’s retention or his double dipping “redundancy” payments.

-To be fair to Tront. They never expected a new CEO, Potiki, to be political and cause, along with his supporters such chaos. Sid Aston, the former incumbent CEO, was most un-political CEO – a servant of the tribe. And it is also fair to say that Tront were not aware what was happening – a well organised coup.

– As a tribe we need to be grateful for those Tront Representatives who have fought off this coup.
– Wally Stone? I have no idea why he arrived and was appointed- any clues? But he and Potiki were quite lethal. Expect a very poor financial result under Stone’s leadership.

-Tront Elections. Will election of Tront representatives help what has been going on? I think not. The “electoral college” system works against those who cannot be physically at a marae and involved – 95% of Ngai Tahu voters- in my estimate, live away.   I have lodged an objection to a marae I can vote on. The marae has approx 10,000 potential voters but the vote was offered to just over 600 voters. Similar things are happening or have happened on other marae where I also have a vote.
-Is this democratic? Obviously, it is not. – more on elections on my website. Ngai Tahu need to have their Act of 1996 amended so that it works in a democratic way so that criminals and the like- mentioned above- are barred from a representation role and shareholders are given a more direct vote i.e. – for the  Representative position, one vote, one marae. Just be aware– NT shareholders, that the hard won NT settlement , is under threat.